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We don’t just opine.
We speak data!

Since 2003, we committed ourselves to a data driven approach. Through our research organization, we have studied digital transformations across 20 industries worldwide, collecting data from business and technology leaders from 5,000+ companies

Our strategy, business model, process and technology implementation services are powered by data on digital transformations and two decades of experience in driving change.

Digitalization and COVID have changed the role of finance and accounting permanently.  Finance has historically approached investments and transformations from a cost and efficiency standpoint. They now need to adopt a ‘service provider’ mindset that enables customer value through the enterprise.

Business acquisitions go digital
Balanced investments are instrumental in achieving transformation.

As product-service portfolios change and customer and business acquisitions go digital, finance is standing at the forefront of enabling R&D, marketing, sales, manufacturing, services, and supply chain with the right pricing and costing models.

Digital maturity!
We speak data!

Digital Bench-marking of finance and accounting is a survey driven process through which we help finance leaders measure their competitive positioning on the finance digital continuum by comparing their capabilities quantitatively against peers within the industry and digital champions worldwide.

Bench-marking the digital maturity of finance reveals insights that help in strategic prioritization and allocation of resources in a time of rapid change and challenging constraints.